Master kamal- The best yoga teacher in Thailand
“Love to one who preserved his childhood well in to his matured years”
– Swami Veda Bharati

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We Welcome You to the Yoga of 21st Century!

The word ‘KRI’, in Sanskrit, means “Action”. “YOGA” means “A union” or “Connection”. In the most basic sense, what we aim to to initiate Action to create a Union or Connection of the Mind, Body and Soul. Under the wisdom and able guidance of one of the 8 greatest Indian Yoga Masters in the world, Sri Srinivas Suresh Kamal (Master Kamal), KRI YOGA is at the forefront of the world’s goal of better solutions to many of the personal challenges that people face today. Stress, weight issues, lack of concentration, mental instability, blood circulation and heart troubles and a variety of other maladies can be cured or eliminated with KRI YOGA. With KRI YOGA, one can experience a happy, healthy and blissful life while enjoying the benefits of a youthful, well-toned body to be able to live life as it should be lived – to the fullest…

KRI YOGA methods bring about a proper balance and unfold your dormant potential, creating opportunities for a new, happy and joyful life. It is the Yoga for the 21st century, built on the Yoga’s 5,000 year old physical and mental science and Ayurveda. Every single KRI YOGA Session incorporates “RTS” (Rhythmic Training System), a specific yoga training regimen, for a total mind & body health system that combines ancient eastern wisdom and western science.

What is unique about Kri Yoga
to other Yoga Classes?

“What Separates Us from the Others!”

Kri Yoga is a unique combination of ‘Traditional Indian Yoga’ and the ancient wisdom of ‘Ayurveda’.
According to Yoga, each Body is different and every personality falls in the following 3 categories – Pashu (the animal), Veera (the warrioir) and Divyabhava (the divine). These characteristics are seen within all of us, but in varying degrees. Ayurveda teaches about the dynamic integration between our external environment and our internal body, mind, and spirit. We call this ‘Tri-Dosha’ (the three constitutions) and it impacts every area of a person’s life; from their physical, mental and emotional health to their confidence and sleep quality.

Master Kamal developed over 48 exclusive, effective and joyful sequential classes to meet various personalities. It is based in helping every individual evolve from one personality to next, for greater benefits to transform understanding your body type to create a beautiful life. KRI YOGA tops in the world, and differentiates itself, with a wide range of over 45 sequential classes which suits every individual’s body type, personality, likes and physical condition.

Sequential Practice of Asana

Each class of KRI YOGA is sequentially designed and developedbased on the subtle, static and dynamic Pran-Vinyasa yoga practice derived from ancient systems of Hatha, Raja, Ashtanga yoga and Ayurveda, using the unique method of RTS (Rhythmic Training System), that Master Kamal formulated over 25 years of Yogic knowledge & fitness science experiences, giving you the greatest benefits of naturally decreasing the risk of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol to relieving anxiety, depressing and sleep disorders. This gives immense benefits in maintaining cardiovascular health, muscle strength and flexibility. Carefully crafted for all groups, we offer a wide range of classes for beginners, as well as for the most advanced students.