Syam Kumar B.V.P.A


Master Syam is a Graduate in Bachelor of Arts. He has developed an extensive yoga teaching experience and shared it in Hong Kong, Republic of China, the Kingdom of Thailand, India and Singapore. Syam is a direct student to the legend of yoga, Master Kamal. He is an expert in Kri Yoga, the World most unique yoga SEQUENTIAL system. Syam is specialized in Yoga Combat which is a combination of yoga and martial arts due to his vast experience in martial arts as well as being a professional in shotokan Karate, Kickboxing, judo and gymnastics.

  • Graduate in Arts.
  • Certified International Yoga Teacher – KRI YOGA Advance certification – 2004-2008 (Hongkong)
  • 20 years of extensive Yoga teaching experience in Hong Kong and Thailand with an excellent previous record, aiding the world renowned yoga Centre, Planet Yoga by Master Kamal.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to work with all levels of people from around the world.
  • Outstanding demonstration and posture correcting skills to guide all levels of Yoga practitioners.
  • Specialized in teaching Kri Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Personal Training
  • Teacher for exclusive high energy classes like Yoga Combat, Cardio Yoga and Power Punch.

Professional Experience

  • Yoga Country Manager, Master Kamal’s Kri Yoga, Bangkok 2011 to present (
  • Yoga Director, Yoga Village, Hong Kong 2009-2011
  • Yoga Instructor, Planet Yoga by Master Kamal, Hong Kong 2004 to 2009
  • Body Building Instructor in the Dragon Fist Martial Arts Organization( 1991-1996)
  • Gymnastics Instructor at the Young Men Christian Association YMCA
  • Martial Arts Instructor in the Dragon Fist Martial Arts Organization ( 1988-1996)

Professional Teaching Skills

  • First to introduce exclusive classes in Asia : Yoga Combat, Cardio Yoga, Yoga Punch, Kamals Vinyasa Series, Kri Yoga Therapy, Kri Yoga Beginner and Intermediate Level of classes.
  • Certified KRI YOGA Teacher having the distinction of conducting Foundation and Intermediate Courses in Asia.