What is “RTS’?

Rhythmic Training System (RTS) is a combination of the 5 major elements of Yoga and the 5 foremost components of fitness that is fine tuned to the rhythms of our unique & versatile body with a systematic approach/practice. THE 5 MAJOR ELEMENTS OF YOGA: 1. Asanas (postures) 2. Prana (Breath expansion) 3. Bandha (locks) & mudra (gestures) 4. Chakra (cosmic energy) and 5. Samadhi (Concentration & Meditation) THE 5 MAJOR COMPONENTS OF FITNESS: 1. Cardiovascular Conditioning 2. Muscle Strength 3. Muscle Endurance 4. Neuro-Muscular Conditioning 5. Co-Ordination Who can do ’kriyoga? Kriyoga is ideal for beginners to advanced Yoga students and for all ages and it is equally effective for all fitness levels. It is for everyone but is specifically designed to fit the lifestyle of Urban residents who demand a fast and effective way to get more energy and focus to meet today’s challenges. Benefits: Impacts nearly every area of a person’s life from their physical, mental & emotional health to their confidence and sleep quality. Stress management, overweight issues, concentration and mental clarity issues, circulation and hormonal imbalance and dozens of other ailments can be cured or eliminated. It gives you vibrant health, creative energy, joyful mind to celebrate life to the fullest with passion and compassion. What is unique about Kriyoga to other yoga classes? Different Classes for different body types & needs There is no single yoga for everybody. Every Body is different and every individual has 3 personalities i.e., Pashu, Veera and Divyabhava (animal , warrior and divine instinct/personality) that are within all of us, but in varying degrees. Master Kamal developed over 28 exclusive, effective and joyful sequential classes to meet various personalities. It is based in helping every individual evolve from one personality to next, from one level to another for greater benefits to transform and create a beautiful life and living. Asana (Postures) – Each Asana is done mindfully understanding the deeper meaning and benefits. And each class was sequentially designed and developed using the unique method of RTS (Rhythmic Training System) that Master Kamal formulated from over 25 years of Yogic knowledge & fitness science experiences giving you the greatest benefits of decreasing the risk of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol to relieving anxiety, depressing and sleep disorders.. Prana (Breathing) – Master Kamal developed a unique breathing technique called ‘Phoenix breathing’, ‘’ Nabhi Kriya’ that helps awaken mental and physical energies. He developed amazing classes called Power of Prana, the Chakra breathing and purification, etc., to help corrects blood pressure, remove toxins, eliminates tension, purifies the nadi’s (energy channels), improves radiant energy, brings clarity to the senses, sharpens the mind, develops focus, raises awareness, improves creative power and awaken dormant energies. Manas (Mind) – Many of the disease or pains or suffering are not just physical; it may be due to mind/emotions or it may be spiritual imbalances. Master Kamal developed different methods for different BODIES like the Himalayan meditation, Primordial sound, Hamsa meditation, meridian power meditation, the 7 keys to unlimited power that help train mind, invoke self-healing and realize your inner potential. Meditation is never difficult nor boring with Master Kamal’s easy and effective methods that initiates healing the most chronic illnesses relieve mental and physical tensions and helps develop focus, concentration, creativity, joy and serenity. EXCLUSIVE HOT YOGA CLASSES Skin is one of the important parts of the body in releasing toxins quickly. Master Kamal created two unique series called ‘AGNI HOT’ (Static Hot) and ‘HOT DHARA’ (HOT Flow) done in an safe & effective INFRARED hot room that help burn STUBBORN fats fast, eliminate toxins, relieve stress, tension, migraines, neck and back pain, numbness, respiratory, reproductive, excretory and corrects sexual disorders. EXCLUSIVE YOGA COMBAT & CARDIO YOGA CLASSES “If Shaolin Monks can do, we can too!” destructive emotions like anger, frustration and disappointment that are piled up within yourself that drains your vital energy resulting in depression, confusion, anxiety and worry. Master Kamal developed Yoga Combat, YOGA Punch AND CARDIO YOGA classes that will Punch and Kick away your negative tendencies and uplift your confidence and spirit. With the combination of specific yoga asana & breathing help ease away your pain and tension. They are fun filled, exclusive and enjoyable classes that help burn fats fast, builds stamina and muscle strength and endurance, releases stress and muscle tension. Collectively, these classes develop your personality and transform your approach towards life and living.