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Kriyoga Classes Created by Master Kamal
Our Exclusive Infrared Hot Yoga Classes: Burns cellulite in a safe, easy & effective way


A series of postures 31 postures in a flowing sequence that helps burns fats fast along with making your body lean and firm. Synchronizing one posture to another and observing the great locks of yoga and power breathing help strengthens your sexual, excretory, and reproductive organs. It helps relieve health problem like migraine, back pain, neck pain, numbness, respiratory problems, menstrual problems and sleeping disorders. The results are quick!

This class is a unique method developed by Master Kamal that comprises of 28 static yoga postures and step triangle poses, in a swift and active movements. The focus is on melting stubborn fats at target zones like waist, thighs, abs, arms and abdomen. It also helps relieve office syndrome, pains and stiffness.
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Gain a life changing experience 50 classes a week with more than 99 classes every week in a dedicated studios for regular classes, hot classes and cardio yoga classes.

BASICS lotuss1
The basics helps build strength in the core muscles and improves alignment. Proper breathing & dynamic breathing helps improve lung capacity, relieve tension and stiffness. Learn to move with grace, witness limits and boundaries, understand weakness and helping build strength, flowing unconditionally is the Basics of this class!
This class helps cleans and nourish the body from inside out. Specific movements, postures, challenging twists, power breathing exercises raise your body temperature, compresses and decompresses the body tissues and eliminates the toxins. These toxins are squeezed out of cells and tissues and flushed out. This class helps burn fats, drains lymphatic, relieve constipation and removes blocks.
RHYTHMS lotuss1
Is a blend of yoga postures, sports and fitness science together they provide cardio and muscular workout in a series of fluid movements resulting in an all-in-one workout that builds strength, endurance, flexibility and balance getting you fit and healthy at the same time. It’s definitely a class with a contemporary twist as it promises to give a dynamic and fun workout.
PENDULUM lotuss1
Life is all about maintaining balance of the opposite forces – the sun and the moon, the left and the right, yin and yang, light and darkness, heat and cold etc. This class emphasizes on balancing the mind, muscles, senses and nervous system with selected yoga postures. It is a great neuro-muscular exercise program – its helps alignment of the bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles this class greatly help your body and mind to work in unison. Other benefits include improving one’s will power, confidence, concentration and co-ordination. This is a great class for all!
ANANDA (BLISS) lotuss1
Achieve physical and mental bliss ! It comprises of a Moon series, specific asanas, abdomen locks and pranayamas to soothe, relax and rejuvenate. The asanas relieve body aches and pains, with an emphasis on eliminating digestive ailments such as constipation, indigestion, acidity and sexual ailments such as fibroids, menstrual and prostate problems. The pranayamas help to improve one’s concentration and promotes inner peace and tranquillity.
ASANA & PRANA lotuss1
Relieve stress and tension instantly! This class has an emphasis on practising. 2 of the 8 major limbs mentioned by the great Sage Patanajali. Asanas are physical exercises/postures that will help improve physical health & well being. Many of your chronic health problems are relieved when you begin performing asanas. This class helps align the body, improve blood circulation, improves the endocrine activity and corrects body metabolism and physiological functions. Combined with Pranayama, you gain health and strength in lungs, improves breathing capacity and helps purify the Nadis (the energy channels). It’s a great class for all!
SOLAR lotuss1
Solar Series is a great way to be fit and healthy and is suitable for working professionals, athletes, & students alike! This class benefits all systems of the body i.e. Cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal & nervous systems. Exercises the glands for proper hormonal growth and balance. It improves flexibility, joint suppleness, increases bone density and oxygenates the blood. You will never feel tired, lazy or sleepy during your day!
LUNAR lotuss1
Moonlight in your life! This class rejuvenates your mind and body. Comprising of the Moon Series it helps exercise using specific postures and rejuvenates the 10 major systems of your body, helps purify blood and improves muscle and bone strength. It helps develop strength in the Core Muscles, releases pain and tension and refreshes the mind.
CHIKTISA lotuss1
Banish physical, mental, emotional stress! A therapeutic aspect of Yoga, especially those with health problems such as stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, back and neck pain, asthma, gastric problems, constipation etc. Tap into your body’s amazing healing powers by synchronizing your breath, body and mind with specific techniques of Kriyoga. This class helps your body to eliminate toxins through natural sweat and eliminate many health problems right away!
BODY WORKS lotuss1
LOVED BY ALL! Hand in hand makes the yoga postures easy and fun! Greatly opens your body, releases stress, massages internal organs, stimulates glands, overcome fears, brings the inner joy out! Come and join in, you will love doing this class!
DON’T MISS! During weekends!, Interesting, joyful and enlightening lectures/video lectures/video stories on Yoga and it’s Philosophy. It helps improves your quality of life and living. Gives you a deeper meaning and understanding about yoga and the way of life. Listen to interesting topics on personality development empowering mind and body.
BEYOND lotuss2
To stretch beyond, to expand beyond limits – humanity stand at the edge of the solar system contemplating the beyond – This class is not just to stretch your body but your mind beyond all limitations – stretch is the essential part of training program to keep your body healthy and fit- helping the muscles, the skin, to stretch – creates fine physique, improves elasticity of the skin, improves muscle growth, unlocks the knots, improves blood circulation, makes the internal organs breathe, creates space, relieves gravitational stress, relieves mind and body pains and allows oxygen to reach every cell in the body, it relieves numbness, relaxes the mind and muscles and gives you a sense of openness.
AIR YOGA lotuss1
It’s NEW! Reach greater heights with our new Kriyoga Air Creation. A creative and new idea that takes Kriyoga into a whole new direction. This is a fastest way to improve flexibility fast and improves strength as well as toning the body. This class instantly calms but minds and focuses on energy flow and awareness. It’s unique properties leaves you feeling taller and lighter and relieves spinal compression relieving numbness and pains and helps improve blood circulation. It’s a new amazing concept that is suspended from the ceiling and aids in practising countless yoga postures.
JYOTHI (LIGHT) lotuss2
Glow with boundless light! Flow through the cardinal North, East, South, West points with this unique class which combines movement in a 360 degrees manner with a full range of Kriyoga postures. Perfect for individuals who want to experience all of the basic & strong Kriyoga postures in one class! It helps train legs and arms giving overall strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. The 31 point concentration technique that is done at the end of the class keeps you centred, creative, calm and focused.
SHAKTI (POWER) lotuss2
Unleash unlimited powers within! Shakti is a wonderful class that helps you understand and unleashes your physical and mental energies. This class covers all aspects of classical Yoga practice in a systematic way. Specific pranayamas (breathing), asanas (postures), dharana (concentration), bandhas (locks) and nidra (blissful sleep) awakens dormant powers. This systematic approach will give you the foundation to reach greater heights and achieve better health both physically and mentally
Andhra Ashtaanga Yoga (AAY) is composed of a rhythmic flow of Asana (postures) and ancient techniques of pranayama (breathing), marma (awakening vital point), dharna (the art of concentration) and dhyana (the art of Meditation). You flow from one pose (asana) to another synchronizing with the powerful breathing technique that helps cleanse and foster your mind and body. It helps relieve mental, physical and emotional tension & toxins. It helps renew your cells with energy and vitality. Towards the end of the series you move into a technique called ‘the art of nothingness’. With this complete series you help awaken dormant and unlimited powers, thus improve mental, physical and spiritual well being

Vinyasa is an energetic type of yoga that employs postures in a series combined with breathing exercises. Unlike, other yoga forms,Vinyasa movements are smoothly flowing and almost dance-like flowing from one pose to another. Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits. Physically it helps expel toxins and re-energizes your body. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body

Yoga stretch is a great way to improve your flexibility and relieve stiffness. This is an excellent routine that you can follow to improve your range of motion and maintain balance in body mechanics. There are countless benefits to proper stretching. Yoga stretch class helps de-stress, relieve pain, stiffness, Improves elasticity of the skin and muscles, improves range of motion, relieves blocks, improves circulation, postpones aging, makes you feel light and refreshed.
YOGA WARRIOR (Veer) lotuss2
One and only training class in the world! Warrior is an artistic yoga class with a unique sequence of yoga postures and powerful breathing techniques derived from the Ancient Warriors in India. A unique and challenging class in the world of Yoga it builds your strength, speed, endurance, concentration and mind power. Warrior also delivers great results in toning and shaping of one’s legs, arms, abdomen and chest. Be the warrior! This class is for those who are ready for a little challenge!
Our hectic life style and aging makes our joints weak causing knee, back, hips and spinal joint pains as well as an imbalance in the production of hormones! proper growth & nourishment of your cells depends on the functioning of the glands that produce hormones! This class greatly improves joints strength, stability, density and proper secretion of hormones for a vibrant and healthy life style. It’s a great class for all!
This class helps you accelerate your body and mind responses and gets you back in shape. It works on stimulating the glands and gears your metabolism. After a long study and research, Master Kamal introduced this amazing class, which includes easy and effective sports exercises, specific yoga postures, and power locks that can be practiced by any age or weight. With regular and consistent practice of these techniques showed drastic changes in losing weight and gaining positive energy.

HATHA SIDDHI – A FLOW OF HATHA YOGASANA – an exclusive class for the beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. Experience the spinal breathing technique called ‘psychic breathing’ while flowing into various hatha yoga asana (postures). This practice helps eliminate mental and physical toxins. This is oanne of the unique systems of practice to awaken dormant physical and mental energies that help regenerate new and vibrant health.
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Meditation – for a blissful long life

Yoga is incomplete without meditation. Himalayan Meditation is the simplest technique to achieve mind control. This technique of meditation is based on focusing our breathing at the meridian centers within our body that help brings balance in the glands and nervous system, awakening your dormant potential. Meditation brings inner peace, happiness and bliss. A great method to empower your mind and improve mental health, releasing tension and stress instantly, feel a sense of tranquillity and a serene mind.
Helps clear negative debris – relieves depression- anxiety-nerves tension- builds confidence- improves a ray of protection around your body- heals chronic illness- sound mind and body.
Ancient, secret and powerful breathing techniques to build Pranic Energy- Builds aura – heals the body & mind- – awakens pranic energy- builds strong lung capacity- unlocks the knots – increases longevity.
For energy – creativity – balance – centeredness and glandular efficiency- regular practice awakens unlimited powers that lies dormant in the base energy and improves memory-confidence – will power – balance life and living.
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For cardio lovers – providing more oxygen – increasing respiration and heart rate- burn fats fast in a fun and exciting way

A unique class designed by Master Kamal featuring a combination of cardiovascular fitness and Yoga postures. This blend of Kick boxing moves along with Yoga postures helps to burn fats fast, builds stamina and muscle endurance. Kriyoga Combat, with its kicks, punches and movements help trim your arms, legs, and buttocks. With just 30 minutes of combat moves followed by a series of yoga postures, it promises to relieve stress and leave one feeling relaxed, refreshed, young and radiant!
YOGA PUNCH lotuss1
Great for your heart! An amazing class designed by Master Kamal featuring a combination of cardiovascular fitness and Yoga postures. With its unique blend of Boxing moves and Yoga postures, it helps to burn fats fast, builds stamina and muscle endurance. Kriyoga Punch incorporates movements derived from western and Chinese-style boxing in an energetic and fun manner to help trim your arms, waist, tone your buttocks and makes your body young and vibrant. It is the fastest way to release stress, tension and burn more calories, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and radiant!
Great class for cardiovascular fitness! Lots of fun filled moves choreographed to help burn fats and tone your arms, legs and buttocks. This low impact moves improves your stamina & endurance as it is combined with yoga asanas that gives double benefits in making your body flexible and mind relaxed.
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Class Requirements

Bring a Towel and a bottle of water. Practice with caution if you have high or low blood pressure or any other medical condition and inform teacher before the class starts. Please inform the teacher if you feel unwell or dizzy during class.. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor prior to any classes available at Kriyoga Asia.
Precautions for your safety
please inform your teacher if you have any injuries or if you are pregnant prior to class.

Please consult professional and medical advice if you are uncertain of the state of your physical condition before commencing yoga or any other form of exercise.
Avoid eating food 3 hours before class and 30 minutes after class
Avoid bringing cell phones and hand bags
Avoid stepping on other mats
Dear Valued Members for your safety and your colleagues:
Please arrive 10 minutes before classs
Classes or instructors may change without prior notice
No one will be permitted to enter the studio without a ticket or once the class begins