Kay Budsarin Korphaisan Yoga Alliance Asia Certified Teacher After finishing my undergraduate degree in Thailand, I moved to the U.S. where i completed my Master degree in International Business and a 2nd degree in Graphic Design. I have worked in the US corporate world for over a decade as a full time graphic designer. I am a fitness fanatic. I love doing kick boxing, step aerobics, going to the park to run and to hike and I am super health conscious. I got into Yoga as a way of reducing my stress and finding myself. I fell in love with yoga as soon as I did my very first sun salutation 15 years ago and to this day I still love and practice yoga on a regular basis. I moved back to Thailand. As an active person who loves high energy workouts, I immediately was attracted to Kriyoga after my first few classes. Kriyoga satisfies my desires for a high energy workout combined with the mind, body and spirit health benefits of yoga. I was impressed with the variety of classes offered at the studio and the professionalism and the expertise of the instructors who really took the time to explain everything and help move everyone into the right position. It has become a perfect way to stretch, build strength, and build overall awareness. This place is not pretentious at all, and is a great community of people. My training profoundly changed me physically, mentally and spiritually and I was ready to take the gift of knowledge imparted to me by Master Kamal and Prof. Pallavi (Pearl) and share it with the world, or at the very least anyone receptive to yoga! I am passionate about the teaching, practice, about the connection, about the compassion, about the awareness that yoga can, and does, bring me and others every day. I find great enjoyment in sharing that which has impassioned me. Yoga has become my life to a significant extent. My life has been changed for the better, by yoga. NAMASTE