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  • Learn the true and authentic yoga from Master Kamal (one of the 8 greatest Indian yoga masters in the World-the legendary keeper of ancient wisdom of yoga) and his team of experienced yoga masters from India, Thai and International
  • Introduced INFRARED HOT YOGA ( the most safe and effective hot yoga system) for the first time in Asia
  • First to introduce ‘Yoga Wall’ in Thailand
  • First to introduce ‘ YOGA ACCORDING TO YOUR BODY TYPE’ in South east Asia
  • Tops the world with over 45 exclusive sequential Kriyoga classes than any yoga centers can offer
  • Offers International Recognized Yoga courses and workshops in Bangkok and across the world
  • Trains Top actors, celebrities, entrepreneurs in Thailand and around the world
  • Experience the unique modern application of ancient yogic teaching with its origin, essence and integrity preserved
  • Celebrating 8 years of Teaching and training in Bangkok Offers training at 6 branches in the prime locations of Bangkok, Thailand
  • There is a lot which can be achieved through discipline, practise & yoga. Like the feat of entering the books of Guinness World Records on 19th May 2018