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About Kri Yoga

Yoga for the 21st Century

‘One size does not suit all”. KRI YOGA tops in the World with a wide range of over 45 sequential classes that suits your Body type, personality, likes and physical condition.

The word ‘KRI’ in Sanskrit means “Create’. Yoga means ‘Union’ or ‘Connection’. In most practical level yoga brings Union or Connection of the body, mind and spirit.

KRI YOGA methods brings health, balance and unfold your dormant potential, creating new, happy and joyful life. It is the Yoga for the 21st century). KRI YOGA is built on the Yoga’s 5,000 year old physical and mental science and Ayurveda. The sequencial patterns of Kri Yoga, incorporates ‘RTS’ – Rhythmic Training System that combines ancient eastern wisdom and western science.

Every single KRI YOGA Session incorporates “RTS” (Rhythmic Training System), a specific yoga training regimen for a total Mindbody health system.

What is unique about Kri Yoga to other yoga classes?

Kri Yoga is a combination of ‘Indian Traditional Yoga’ and ancient healing system ‘Ayurveda’.

According to Yoga, every Body is different and every individual has 3 personalities i.e., Pashu, Veera and Divyabhava (animal , warrior and divine instinct/personality) that are within all of us, but in varying degrees. Ayurveda, teaches you about the dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. We call this ‘ Tri-Dosha’ (constitutions) and it impact on every area of a person’s life from their physical, mental and emotional health to their confidence and sleep quality. Issues such as stress management, overweight, hormonal imbalance and dozens of other ailments can be cured or eliminated.

Master Kamal developed over 48 exclusive, effective and joyful sequential classes to meet various personalities. It is based in helping every individual evolve from one personality to next, from one level to another for greater benefits to transform and create a beautiful life and living.

We at Kri Yoga Stands TOP in the World offering the Highest Number of classes for you to explore your potential

Asana (Postures) – Each class was sequentially designed and developed using the unique method of RTS (Rhythmic Training System) that Master Kamal formulated from over 25 years of Yogic knowledge & fitness science experiences giving you the greatest benefits of decreasing the risk of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol to relieving anxiety, depressing and sleep disorders.. This gives greatest benefits in maintaining cardiovascular health, muscle strength and flexibility. Have wide range of classes for the beginners to the most advanced students.