KriYoga – Yoga Classes in Bangkok
“Just physical yoga / exercise are not enough. It remains incomplete without the mind, body, and soul connecting with each other mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…”
– Master Kamal


The word ‘KRI’, in Sanskrit, means “to create” and “YOGA” means “A union” or “Connection”. In the most basic sense, we aim to create a Union or Connection of the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Under the wisdom and able guidance of one of the eight greatest Indian Yoga Masters in the world, Sri Srinivas Suresh Kamal (Master Kamal), KRI YOGA is helping yoga practitioners and learners to handle the personal challenges that they face today. Stress, obesity, lack of concentration, mental instability, irregular blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases, and a variety of other maladies can be cured or eliminated by KRI YOGA.

Experience a happy, healthy and blissful life while enjoying the benefits of a youthful, well-toned body to be able to live life to the fullest with KRI YOGA.



Only a healthy body and mind can understand the meaning of True Happiness. There is a lot of ancient knowledge left behind by our ancient sages. It is a treasure and a key to lead a happy life. But not all of us are created equally, nor do we all live the same lifestyle. In simple terms, a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work.

KRI YOGA is one of the world’s finest yoga teaching institute. It offers a wide range of over 45 sequential classes which suits every individual’s body type, personality, likes and physical conditions.


KriYoga – Infrared Hot Yoga Classes

Infrared Hot Yoga Classes

A soothing session of Infrared Hot Yoga can leave your body feeling completely rejuvenated and replenished. The warmth of the environment helps in increased flexibility and better body movements.

Kriyoga - Meditation sessions

Meditation – for a blissful long life

When the mind is at peace, the body performs better. The carefully crafted Meditation sessions, designed by Master Kamal himself, help even the most troubled minds to let go of their worries and experience relaxation.

KriYoga – Cardio Yoga Classes

Cardio Yoga Classes

A unique class designed by Master Kamal featuring a combination of cardiovascular fitness and Yoga postures.

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